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About Author Virgil Brannon

Virgil Brannon is the founder of  I AM VISION INC., a non-profit youth program.  The mission of I AM VISION INC. is to embrace and empower youth by challenging them to boost their vision via hands-on opportunities and encouraging determination to excel in life.  Virgil’s overall effort is to promote youth’s growth in their ability to dream and envision success in order to develop their leadership, academic, and capabilities.


 However, his charitable heart is with the empowerment of youth and young people seeking positive mentors to help them navigate through challenging obstacles in life.  Virgil’s career background is also in, Private Investigations and Legal Support, Marketing, Music Management and Consulting.


In order to better serve youth and their families, Virgil attended Shepherd’s Care Bible College and received a dual Master and Doctor of Ministry Religious Counseling; so that he would be equipped to address vital issues associated with socio-economically disadvantaged youth and their families. 


Virgil didn’t just stop there. He embraced a large number of business and socially based courses so that he could make certain that his organization was just as business savvy as it was charitably focused.  These efforts resulted in not only a Master and Doctoral Degree, but an astonishing Concentration of Social Enterprise. Today, you can find Virgil with his hands in a number of business deals that generate funding to support his endeavors to make the world a little easier for youth with full potential.


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