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For too long, Blacks have held onto the lies their "friends and leaders" have told them... and then wondered why success and the American dream elude them.Sleep no more in this comatose state. Listen to Virgil Brannon as he removes the blinds and exposes the raw truth of who has done the most to keep blacks "in their place". And then, as he emphasizes, investigate for yourself. When you do, you will see that:-Abraham Lincoln and his fellow Republicans free Blacks from Slavery.- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a republican fighting against Democrats.- Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sent troops into the South to desegregate the schools.- Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act and opposed Dr. King's march on Washington, DC, in 1963.Dig deeper, as Brannon has, and you will see what Democrats have done and what they are planning to do:- President Obama and other Democrats have established relationships with people who want to take away our freedom and destroy America.-

The Democratic Coma "the book"

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