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The Cure


Know The Truth

 Truth does not create chaos; it resolves chaos. Truth will never follow blindly but will acknowledge only that which is honest and pure. Truth is correct, it is flawless, and it does not make wrong choices. It analyzes, investigates, and provides facts for the benefit of the seeker. Truth is not always pleasant for the listener, and lying about the truth  surely does not make it go away. Truth is light; it shows you what is  right and wrong and then gives you the opportunity to make changes. It is never too late to practice truth. It is ready when you are. The idea is to take it one step at a time. Walk if you are not ready to run, and sit if you are not ready to walk. Truth will sit and wait with you if you are tired; truth will let you rest. Just know it is not too late because, when you are ready, He(Truth) is waiting and would love to hear from you.    

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